A comparison between a mammoth and a mastodon

Why "Man Killing Mastodons" ????

You might be wondering why there are shirts and hoodies on a Nebraska site with the phrase "Man Killing Mastodons".

I did a YouTube video about the nicknames that Nebraska has had throughout the years. In 1921, a writer in the Pittsburgh press referred to our beloved Cornhuskers as the "Man Killing Mastodons".

We know that we've been called the "Bug Eaters".

When Nebraska started football in 1890, they were referred to as the Old Gold Knights.

The nickname "Man Killing Mastodons" has been forgotten over the decades. If you're curious please watch the video and you'll see why I took it upon myself to create designs around this great concept.

Thank you,

Jon Johnston

Founder, Corn Nation


You might also be interested in a video about 1890, the year Nebraska started playing football! 



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